New Paper



Our manuscript “An interplay between extracellular signalling and the dynamics of the exit from pluripotency drives cell fate decisions in mouse ES cells” in out in Biology Open ( We tried a more ‘conventional’ journal but we were told, basically, that there were no new genes. As the editors of this august journal were correct, we opted for actually publishing our findings and submitted to Biology Open where we got an effective, fair and constructive review process.

The manuscript has much that is new and of interest as we use an integrated approach with different experiments to understand how Embryonic Stem cells begin to make decisions as they exit pluripotency. There is much that is new and, perhaps of interest, here and we suggest that if you are interested in cell fate decisions and the way signals steer cells into particular fates, have look at it.

An interesting (we think) notion is that of a molecular race in fate decisions.. We believe that this might be of wider applications than just at the exit of pluripotency. There is also a novel view of the role of Wnt at this juncture.

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