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On Scientific Publishing 2

On Scientific Publishing 2 I have been very surprised about the scant response Jordan Raff’s editorial has generated. The reason is that wherever one goes, one always finds people ready to spend a fair amount of time talking about the issue of publishing and peer review so, the lack of a response cannot be due to a lack of interest in the subject. Yes, the web has –as Peter Lawrence points out- many comments on the matter, but few are from what one could call the grass roots of the scientific community. The Node has opened an opportunity to this […]

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On Scientific Publishing

Science is as much about doing experiments and finding things out, as about sharing those findings through their dissemination, in seminars and publications.  Not very much has changed over the last fifty years in the format of our communication. Well, yes, we have Powerpoint and there are movies and colour and glossiness matters but in essence the way we communicate our results has not changed. However, one thing has happened and this is that the matter of publishing has become a complicated, cumbersome and frustrating business. The seams of the system are beginning to crack and people are beginning to […]

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